Lancashire comedian, Katie Mulgrew really likes making people laugh. It’s kinda her thing.

She gigs all over the country in comedy clubs doing just that, to mostly success.

She also makes her Mum laugh loads.

She’s done lots of lovely things whilst being a comedian like being on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 2. She got to be very silly indeed on a couple of episodes of the CBBC show, The Dog Ate My Homework and she co-hosted a TV pilot for ITV2 broadcast on Valentines Day called Lovefix.

She won the inaugural 2015 Liverpool Hope playwriting prize with her play ‘OMNIBUS’. It was staged at the Unity theatre in June 2017 in a co-production with the Liverpool Royal Court to rave reviews!

“Very funny stuff” FOUR STARS The Stage.

“Modern master-farce” FOUR STARS Wirral Globe

“Sublime” FIVE STARS Liverpool Sound and Vision

“Marvellous, marvellous stuff” FIVE STARS Purple Revolver

Katie has performed three solo stand up shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is currently working on her fourth show when she’s not consumed with trying to keep the human she has made alive.

Nice things people said about Katie and her Edinburgh shows

Festmag      ****

 “…Laugh affirming stuff.”

Edinburgh Festivals Magazine ****    

“Self-deprecating good humour and great delivery…hilarious and sweet…”

London Is Funny ****            

“…An absloute natural stand up, unpretentious and hugely likeable, and a great writer…A naturally gifted comic who can go all the way…”

The Skinny ****  

“…It turns out that intellectual comedy doesn’t have to be belligerent or dry.”

“charmingly honest…delightfully tender and thoroughly entertaining.”

Gigglebeats ****

“…enjoyable, lively and very funny.”

“a pretty great hour of comedy.”



  “…Comedy courses through her veins…”

“…Among the best on the Fringe…”


“Mulgrew is an engaging, likeable presence who doesn’t struggle to hold the audience’s attention. This is a well-structured thoughtful show..radiating warmth”

Three Weeks                                  

“…honest, un-cynical comedy that’s rough around the ages but tremendously warm.”

…Aptly articulated observations and unexpectedly wicked side-lines.”

The List

“…Refreshingly bold..”



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