FunnyGirl podcast

I’ve decided to start a podcast incorporating my two great joys, stand up and musicals.

I’ve named it the FunnyGirl podcast after the Babs Streisand musical and coz I’m a comedian and that.

It’s on iTunes too. I know, pretty nifty.


FunnyGirl Podcast #6 Pippa Evans




FunnyGirl Podcast #5 Joe Lycett

Joe Lycett



FunnyGirl Podcast #4 Tom Allen

Isn't he bloody smashing?
Isn’t he bloody smashing?




FunnyGirl Podcast #3 Tim Vine

The Man himself
The Man himself




FunnyGirl Podcast #2 Vikki Stone

Photograph by Andy Hollingworth
Photograph by Andy Hollingworth



FunnyGirl Podcast #1 David Morgan
A photo of a man wearing glasses

Listen here!






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